Monday, September 23, 2019

Watercolor and Gouache Wildlife Inspired Paintings by Tim Hayward

Tim Hayward is a world renowned artist living in South West England. He specializes in painting wildlife both animals and birds, rendering the texture of fur and feathers using gouache and watercolor. He has been fascinated by natural history ever since he was little. After studying graphic design and illustration at art college, he worked as a freelance wildlife illustrator for several years. When he is working on a piece Tim studies sketchbook, drawings made from skins and taxidermy props, and his own collection of photographs.

"Demonstrating a mastery of his craft and a deep understanding of the birds that he depicts, his work perfectly captures the play of light and shade over feathers, while silhouetting his subject on an abstracted color background" via here.

He exhibits his work at the Jonathan Cooper Gallery, London. Also, his paintings are exhibited at the Masterpiece Art Fair and at the BADA Art fair. His work is collected worldwide by private collectors.


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