Monday, August 19, 2019

Stephan Brusche Turns Bananas Into Amazing Artwork

Stephan Brusche is an artist who lives with his wife and a dog in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Most of us when we pick up a banana for breakfast, we don't see it more than a source of nourishment. But Stephan finds them as a perfect canvas to create art. He turns them into unique and creative artwork.

He draws on banana with a ballpoint pen and then carefully cuts away the tiny pieces on the peel to reveal the final art. This gives his work more of a 3D feel. He uses toothpick to hold the peels in place and sometimes uses paint.

His clients include Warner Music, TNT Express, Chiquita, One Banana , Fyffes, and more. His work has been published on Bored Panda, Mashable, Martha Stewart, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and USA Today to name a few. He has been nominated for a Shorty Award in the category of Instagrammer of the year. You can join his Instagram account - iSteef to get updates on his new work.