Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Delicate Feather Paintings by Artist Jamie Homeister

Jamie Homeister is a folk artist based out of New Albany, Indiana. She uses delicate feathers as canvas for painting animal and bird portraits. She paints layers of bright paint on the fragile surface depicting owls, wolves, parrots and other birds. The feathers the artist paints on are received by her customers who commission her to paint images of their birds, the same birds from whom the feathers fell off. Her amazing feather artwork is inspired by Native American culture and her Canadian heritage.

“Featherwork is an incredibly humbling media,” the artist shared here. “The feathers splice, buckle, splinter and shred under the weight of paint. Layering them in my multi-feather formations is even more difficult to execute, as you have layers of light, airy, thinly threaded buoyancy.”

Besides being an artist, Jamie is also a shamanic practitioner. You can follow her on Instagram for latest work and inspiration.