Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Illustrated Ceramic Mugs and Plates by Silver Run Ceramics

Silver Run Ceramics is a collaborated project of artists Michelle Lyn Strader and her partner Frederick Bartolovic. They produce functional line of ceramics from their studio nestled in the Appalachian hills of Eastern Kentucky. The mugs, plates and other ceramic pieces feature mythical imagery depicting animals and nature, and are inspired by their everyday experiences at the farm. Their work has brilliant sgraffito and rich color palette.

"We strive to create a narrative within each piece; whether it is the relationship between predator and prey, intricate balances observed in the natural world, or our interpretation of ancient symbolism or folklore. Composing allegorical motifs with decorative symbolism, each piece is thoughtfully conceived as a one of a kind functional artwork."

You can see their one-of-kind pieces in person at "The Woodland Art Fair" from August 17-18. To know about their upcoming shows, you can visit their website.