Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Beautiful Sgraffito Pottery Pieces by Adena Griffith

Adena Griffith is a sculptor and a potter based in Westerville, Ohio. She found her love for clay while she was studying biology for undergraduate degree. Later, she decided to pursue her interest in ceramics and earned degree in ceramics at Otterbein University. 

She creates plates, mugs and bowls by throwing clay on a wheel. She will then decorate each piece with unique designs that she first hand draws and carves using the sgraffito technique. The technique basically means scratching the colored layer on the surface to create a design. Every pottery piece is unique and is inspired by nature often featuring animals, birds, and flowers. 

You can follow her on Instagram to learn more about her and her work. To see her one-of-a-kind pieces visit her online store.