Friday, June 21, 2019

Diego Cusano Turns Everyday Objects into Clever Illustrations

Diego Cusano is an Italian illustrator and an artist who is also a self-proclaimed Fantasy Researcher.

"I’m more of a ‘fantasy researcher’: every day I get up and look for an object and think of how to represent it in my own way, outside of reality and its constraints. Everything is a question mark, I don’t want to be living a routine.”

After he gained a Master’s degree in Visual Arts and Graphic Design, the artist traveled in Europe seeking new creative stirrings and developing artistic identity along the process. It was in 2013, Diego started creating these amazingly clever collages combining pencil drawings and everyday objects. His work gives an unusual twist to things that we are used to seeing as casual - half fried egg becomes eyes for an owl, orange slices take form of sting fish, roses turn into hot air balloons etc.

He has worked in partnership with Warner Bros., Adidas, Diesel, Dior, Cartier, Haribo, Gruppo and Mondadori to name a few. His account on Instagram which is a great source of inspiration currently has over 177,000 followers.