Thursday, May 9, 2019

Layered Cut Paper Artwork by Eric Pow

Eric Pow is an American born Chinese who started POWpaper in 2012. When he felt his position as a graphic designer at one the renowned corporations in the country too limiting he turned his attention to his long time interest in paper art. He remembered how intrigued he was with the art on one of his trips to China. It was in 2016, he quit he job to dedicate his complete attention to paper cut art and try new techniques. 

He uses his cultural mixture to create art that are three dimensional in nature. Each piece is a composition of layered papers that are glued together and handcut into shapes using a sharp knife. 

Eric recently exhibited his art in a street festival Sakura Matsuri, Washignton, DC. You can find details about his future shows on his website here. You can find his original artwork in his online store.