Monday, April 8, 2019

Recycled and Discarded Materials Turned Into 3D Sculptures

Barbara Franc is a sculptor who studied Life Drawing at Morley College of Art in the late 70s and in the 80s attended Richmond College to study Sculpture. Her work is inspired by 19th century animal engravings, movement and shapes of the animals, and skeletal structures of animals both domestic and wild. 

She uses wire and other materials to make the three dimensional animals. She incorporates recycled and discarded materials in his work "as I enjoy the challenge of transforming something with a past history into something new and exciting." The sculptures would have all kind of odds things such as watch straps, typewriter keys, knitting needles, cutlery, bike spanners, zip fastenings, bicycle brakes, nutcrackers, coaster wheels, and jewelry pieces.

Barbara's work can be found in many galleries in U.K. including The Smithy Gallery, Glasgow, One Church Street Gallery, Bucks., The Albion Gallery, Chipping Norton and The Pinkfoot Gallery, Norfolk. 

You can visit her website to see more images of her work.