Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Tavern Signs Handcrafted Using 200 Years Old Boards

For me making a trip to a vintage store in a middle of a busy week is a quick way to decompress. I can hop for hours from one shelf to another admiring the forms and shapes, and color palette very specific to an age. The rich textures draw in my attention to examine the weathered surface closely. The wooden signs is one of my favorite things to collect for different corners of the house. So, I was naturally excited to come across Heidi Howards's work.

Connecticut artist Heidi Howard creates tavern and trade signs inspired by 18th and 19th century style. Each sign is handcrafted from 100 to 200 year old boards, hand painted, lettered, and aged in a way so it looks like something from the past. She uses antique hand-cut nails to assemble boards and molding. You can contact her for commission work and follow on Facebook for updates.