Thursday, September 13, 2018

Palm Size Stone Paintings by a Talented Japanese Artist


Japanese artist Akie Nakata started to work as a stone artist in 2010. She specializes in painting on stones that are of a palm size or smaller. She works with the natural shape of a stone without processing it which means she would never cut off an edge to alter the shape of a stone. It's the organic form of the stone that inspires her to paint a specific animal on it. "I want to paint the life of the being I feel inside the stone.

She has participated in many exhibitions and has won awards including Toronto. Art Fest 2011, Your Favorite Award, Grand Prix and Koji Mori Special Award at "2nd Berlin Art Festival, Charlottenburg Palace Exhibition.

She is on a break till the end of the month but make sure you watch her Instagram to get an update about her new work and join her on Facebook where she announces any work that's available for purchase.