Monday, January 8, 2018

Ceramic Vessels Painted In Whimsical Imagery

Myungjin Kim is a ceramic artist born in South Korea. In 2002, she earned MFA degree in ceramic art at Seoul National University. She makes figurines and vessels that often depict hand-painted still life in vivid colors and patterns. The breath-takingly stunning pieces have neutral background painted with dark glaze that reveal a story inspired by artist's imagination.

"Her work is about human life stories that blend the real and surreal using figuration, animals, vessels and assorted objects."

Myungjin Kim has taught Ceramics at Santa Ana College, Cerritos College, University of Georgia, Athens, UGA Study Abroad Program, Cortona and Italy. Her ceramics are featured in private and public collections in the USA and Asia.  You can view the work she has done in the past and her new work on her website.