Wednesday, December 5, 2018

12 Beautiful Gift Wrapping Papers, Labels and More

Wrapping paper - Amy Lucy

Gift tags - Cami Monet

Wrapping paper - Laura Crow

Winter creature stamp - English Stamp

Gift Tag - Femi Ford

Wrapping paper - Wrap and Revel

Gold foil owl washi tape - Paper Game Co

Gift tags - Ona Creation

Fabric gift wrap - Laura Wood

Owl printed envelope - Miss Pink Robin

Labels and wrapping paper by Alexia Claire

Hi friends, I have prepared this post with some of my favorite gift wraps so you don't have to! This is the most busy time of the year when most of us are busy with family dinners and gatherings with friends. No one really wants to spend time browsing for gift wrapping ideas for every single gift.

As much as I love the idea of hand making gift wrapping, let's be honest with all the last-minute tasks calling for our attention it's so much easier to find the perfect wrapping paper. It means a lot to put a little bit of thought in finding a special wrapping idea and personalizing it with a handwritten holiday greetings. I hope you find the round-up inspiring and useful!