Monday, October 8, 2018

Jim Bachor Beautifies Potholes with Colorful Mosaics

Chicago based artist Jim Bachor is known for filling potholes with beautiful themed mosaics. In the last five years he has created eye-catching whimsical images of food, flowers, animals and patterns with tiny hand-cut pieces of italian glass and marble. His mosaic work often represent something that you can relate to in the neighborhood. 

“I think it’s fun to possibly brighten someone’s day in the most unexpected way,’’ he said. “You don’t expect to see art on the street, so I want the subject matter to be odd.”

He has worked on several series - "Treats in the Streets" depicting popsicles, "Vermin of New York" shows cockroach as one of the NY vermin, "Woodland Creatures" feature owl and fox, "Fanciest Pothole" well-recognized brands' patterns, "Flower Pot Hole" is a series of flowers, "Pretty Trashed" renders trash in mosaic and many other promotional campaigns. To complete each installation it involve anywhere around eight to tens hours in artist's Chicago studio, and afterwards two hours at the site.

“Temperature plays a big part of the process. It gets warm enough around April for the installations to set properly. Given my canvas is a city street, occasionally the artwork gets paved over or patched with asphalt. That comes with playing the street. For me the only risks/challenges are making sure not to get hit by a car during an installation. There is a limitless supply of pothole candidates. When the weather cooperates, an installation takes about two days to complete.”

To see more of his work from the past go to Instagram