Friday, October 19, 2018

Beach Stone Painted in Monochromatic Palette by Natasha Newton

Happy Friday, everyone! As the holidays are approaching time seems to be flying by even faster. Do you feel the same? I would like to leave you for the weekend with the delightful work of Natasha Newton.

Natasha Newton is an artist and a illustrator who tells stories through painting on stones she found on her trips to beach along the Suffolk coast. She collects small stones and pieces of sea glass washed up to the shore by the waves and hand-paints them with whimsical illustrations in monochromatic palette.

"I select certain pieces to paint on, giving these items another life as a treasured work of art. I am fascinated by the stories of these objects; what they were once a part of and the past life they had, before they were washed up on to the shoreline and into my hands."

You can join her on Instagram which she updates with her new painted stones and art prints that are oh so gorgeous!