Thursday, August 16, 2018

Fairies Riding Woodland Creatures Felted Into Sculptures by Phoebe Capelle

Phoebe Capelle is the sculpture and doll designer, and maker behind Lavender & Lark. The self-taught artist grew up in an artistic household where her father was an illustrator and animator. When she started to travel, she learnt about many traditional art forms of different countries. She studied the art of needlework with the gypsy women in Karnataka, India; Thanka painting in the Indian Himalayas; and weaving in Tibet. 

She has combined all what she has learnt over the years in making of these stunning dolls. She hand stitches dolls using natural fibers like wool and antique fabric. The tiny features are hand embroidered, the accessories such as miniature boots are hand painted. It can take over fifty hours to complete a set of a bird and a fairy. Fairies, owls, and hares are a recurring theme in her work. Her fairies are often seen riding their companion animal in the wild. Her photography is just as beautiful as her work that brings her sculptures to life. To see more of her work go to her gallery on her website and Instagram.