Monday, July 2, 2018

Lovely Illustrations by Kass Reich

Kass Reich is an illustrator and an art educator who is living in Toronto, Canada. It's a funny story how she became a children's picture book illustrator. A few years ago when she was teaching preschoolers abroad, she wrote and illustrated a story for her students. Her mom liked her book so mush that she took it to a publisher and in a couple of weeks Kass was contacted by them to publish her book. I mean who could recognize talent better than a mom. Right? Ever since then she has been working on childrens' books.

Her gauche paintings are delightful and rich in texture. She uses soft color palette for her art and repeat patterns that blend into each other smoothly. She has worked on several series - Canadian Wildlife, Jungle Animals, Florals and Finches and Year of the Dog that'll be perfect to decorate any child's room. You can find her prints that are available for purchase individually and as a set in her online store.