Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Free Artwork Left In the Streets of London to Take Home


My Dog Sighs is an artist who has been creating incredible art for over a decade and leaving the pieces behind on the street for anyone to pick up and take home. My Dog Sighs is a street artist based out of England’s south coast who has been painting human and animal portraits on recycled cans. He is best recognized for crushed cans painted over with whimsical characters and teary eyes.

He is also one of the founders of Free Art Friday project that promotes the idea of leaving art out on the streets once a month in a corner of a street and public places for people to find and love.

"My Dog Sighs' work forms a narrative based on counterpointed poignancy that resonate with those that have the opportunity to find them. Moments of loss and then being found echo the materials used. Tin cans, once the receptacle of our sustenance, all too quickly rejected, thrown away, abandoned by a materialistic society keen to gorge on the new".


Robin said...

This is an amazing article; My Dog Sighs is the coolest artist ever! What a fantastic idea he has! Thank you so much for posting this piece. You ROCK, as always. :)

My Owl Barn said...

Hi Robin, Indeed the artist came up with a pretty unique idea with the cans. His work is truly inspiring! Thanks again for the encouraging comment, as always :)