Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Earth-Friendly Dolls to Cherish For Life

Marlene Parra is the designer and the maker of all the lovely dolls at Filomeluna. She started her own studio in Antwerp, Belgium which is now moved to Mexico City. Marlene is a great nature lover so she made sure the material used in the construction of the dolls are natural and Earth friendly. The dolls are made with wool, cotton, linen, wool felt, alpaca, wool and mohair yarns, and stuffed with 100% wool. She brings her dolls to life by hand-stitching hair and hand-stitched clothes.

"We hope that these huggable and one of a kind creatures make everyone to connect or reconnect with their internal kid and trigger their imagination. Everything is possible and we think that we deserve a better world where we revalorate the products that are made in a healthier relation with our beloved Planet. These collectible dolls are our way to contribute to that."

Visit her online store to view one-of-a-kind owls, cats, acorn babies, bunny girls and other characters. They are sold in no time so if you want one for yourself then keep an eye out for soon to be released dolls.