Monday, June 11, 2018

Folksy Portraits by Mixed Media Artist

Tennessee based mixed media artist Leslie Ware Barron grew up surrounded by a family of talented folk artists. She has always been passionate about drawing and painting along with other creativity outlets. The shown paintings are from the folksy lady with animal portrait series inspired by the natural elements. She is constantly looking for new different mediums that she can incorporate into her work. Her work is a stunning combination of bright colors, layers of paint, papers, found objects, proportion and juxtaposition.

In the last 14 years she has exhibited in over 50 solo and group shows. Her paintings can be found in many private and corporate collections across the US. I absolutely admire her humility: "I never take for granted the sale of a painting. After all these years, I still pinch myself when a client chooses to add a piece of art that I created to their personal space. It is the ultimate compliment."

You can follow her updates on Facebook and Instagram.