Thursday, June 7, 2018

Amazing Sculptures Made From Recycled Materials by Nick Warfield

Nick Warfield is a sculptor and recycler based out of Bellingen a small town on the Mid North coast of New South Wales, Australia. He turns trash and discarded materials that he comes across at backyards, flea markets, salvage yard sale, or even kitchen cupboards into amazing sculptures. For example: the owl was made with salvaged car bumper bars and aluminium.

He earned Bachelor degree in Fine Arts at the University of Newcastle, and later on discovered that his true calling was in sculpture making. The recurring theme in his work are feathered creatures. "Birds are the main theme in my work and I consider them my muses in a lot of ways, as I feel a strong affinity and connection to them" - via.

He has showcased his work in number of group exhibitions and has worked on wide range of commissions. You can join him on Facebook to get updates on his new work and Instagram.