Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Joyful Paper Creations by Clare Youngs

Clare Youngs is a UK based designer/maker who works with paper and fabric. Ever since she was a child she enjoyed making beautiful handcrafted objects. Later on in life she dedicated her time to craft full time.

I recently stumbled across her amazing paper creations on Instagram. She is a collector of vintage labels and paper which she uses in her pieces. Her work is inspired by nature and animals, full of colors that will bring you joy. The characters are designed to be propped up on a shelf or placed in a box frame. They are so light that you can decorate your walls with.

“I love the whole process, the excitement of a new project, the thoughts and ideas that start as notes and sketches and the satisfaction of seeing my ideas develop into a finished piece. I think everyone can be creative and through my work and ideas I hope I can encourage more and more to get making and release the artist within!”