Thursday, May 31, 2018

Felt Artwork That Look Like Watercolor Paintings

Francesca Rizzato is a self-taught artist born and currently living in Italy. She creates these beautiful paintings with wool! I know, they look like something that's made with watercolors. Each painting is one-of-a-kind made using the needle felting and wet felting technique. My favorite part about her work is how realistically she has able to capture the subjects in her paintings through rich texture and colors.

She shares on her profile page what inspired her work: "inspired by the world that surrounds me, its colors, the small and simple things that nature has to offer, a falling leaf, the flight of a butterfly, the rustling wind, the whisper of the forest, the purity of nature... Mixed with a pinch of magic, enchantment and fantasy, and influenced by ancient myths and magic tales of folklore."

You can follow her work on Instagram and to view more of her creations visit her online store -  LaVolpeCimina.