Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Miniature Origami 365 Day Project by Ross Symons

Ross Symons an origami artist and Instagrammer based in Cape Town, South Africa started 365 day origami Instagram project in 2014. For the series he challenged himself to create one miniature origami piece every day like owl perched on a leaf. You can find the dimensions on the bottom left corner on each image. His intricate origami figures gained him a huge fan base, today his Instagram White on Rice followers increased to 100,000 in less than two years. 

The success allowed him to qit his job and focus on the traditional Japanese paper folding art. He now works full time on White on Rice creating social media content for brands and private clients. He also does origami commissions, origami installations and stop motion animations, which are all conceptualised, directed, photographed and edited in-house. To see what he comes up with next, join him on Instagram.