Monday, March 26, 2018

Incredible Fruit and Vegetable Carving by Vincenzo Scuruchi

Owl carved out of avacado but there is something behind that seed...'s a baby owl!


Vincenzo Scuruchi is a self-taught artist who carves mind-blowing sculptures out of avocado, watermelon, banana, ginger, pumpkin and more. Using only a carving tool he would transform an avocado into an owl, watermelon into an alligator, pumpkin into a scary face.

"I love to sculpt and carve fruit and vegetables, I like everything that's creative. I enjoy instilling passion for sculpture and fruit carving. It's not important whether it's marble, wood or a vegetable, because a sculpture is a sculpture regardless of the material."

You can view more of his amazing sculptures on Instagram.