Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Welcome 2018 + New Zealand's Flox

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a wonderful festive season. I would like to start the brand new year with the colorful work by an aerosol and stencil artist Hayley King who goes by the name of Flox. She graduated with a fine arts degree from Unitec in Auckland and later started her own business where she could make a career out of what she was passionate about. She creates murals with intricately hand-cut stencils and spray paints, often featuring birds and owls. Each pieces is a result of hours of patiently spray painting layer over layer of flora and fauna. 

She has expanded her work into other fields such as prints, graphic design, live painting, projects and workshops. Her vibrant work has turned her into most recognized contemporary artists in New Zealand. Her work has sparked new life into otherwise dull walls in New York, LA, Taiwan, Hong Kong and India. You can find out where will she paint next and about her upcoming exhibitions by following her on Facebook.