Thursday, August 31, 2017

Left-Facing Animal Paintings by Catriona Hall

Branching Out

Hamish and Hellbores

Robin Revelling

Gentle Guinevere

Raiding The Rosehips

Topiary Dog

Mother and Child

Pottery Pride

Jumping The Auriculas

Haddon Hall Hinds

Catriona Hall is an artist based out of Derbyshire, UK. She studied History of Art at Warwick University and after that worked in the publishing world. She paints animals, birds, landscapes and houses influenced by the time she spent in America and Egypt. Early medieval Italian altarpieces, Edward Bawden, John and Paul Nash, Egyptian hieroglyphics and the Elgin marbles have also heavily influenced her work.

She is best known for painting animals and birds that are highly stylized, portly, whiskerless and always left-facing. Her paintings have an appealing quirky simplicity and rich, earthly color palette.

Catriona Hall's art work has been exhibited at many leading British Art Galleries such as Red Rag Modern Art Gallery. You can view her paintings and prints on her website. A collection of greeting cards based on her original paintings can be found here.