Monday, August 7, 2017

Realistic Embroidery by Japanese Artist Ipnot

Japanese embroidery artist Ipnot crafts incredible food, sports, seasons, objects and animals using the French knot technique (which is done by wrapping thread around the needle).

Her inspiration for work comes from the people she was surrounded with when she was a little girl. Her time spent in the company of her grandmother, who was an embroider, helped her find her true passion for embroidery. She owns over 500 different colored embroidery threads which she carefully chooses from for her work.

Her work spans over a range of themes from owl, pig, to apple and social media icons. The artist's embroidered pieces are so detailed that it's almost hard to know which is the one made of tiny stitches when they are shown side-by-side with the real version of the creation. To view more of her amazing work visit her on Instagram and her website to see her past projects.