Thursday, July 13, 2017

Handmade Ceramics Painted With Elegant Artwork by Niharika Hukku

Niharika Hukku is a Sydney based ceramic artist and a painter. Combining both of her talents she makes these stunning ceramics that she hand-paints depicting animal portraits, clouds, fish or a natural scene. Each piece is thrown and fired by the artist herself, and finished with a variety of ceramic glazes for long lasting durability.

"Starting with an idea, my work is an expression of what I find elegant and beautiful in my world. Inspiration is seeded in my observations in nature; in capturing colour and narrative with purpose onto clay."

She has participated in several group and solo exhibitions. Her work has been featured on many publications including Architectural Design India, Design Taxi, My Modern Met, Fubiz, Lost at E minor, and has won awards for her work. You can view more of her amazing artwork on Facebook and Instagram