Friday, July 7, 2017

Colorful Tribal and Woodland Birthday Party


Happy Friday! Don't we all just love short weeks. It's great to get a 3 days week once in a while. I hope you all made the most of your long weekend. But if you had family and friends over for 4th of July celebrations and didn't get much time for yourself then I hope you can spend some time to do whatever that you enjoy and helps you relax. 

Meanwhile, I am going to leave you with this wonderful Tribal and Woodland Themed Birthday Party with tons of great ideas. Migo's birthday party styled by Party Deco has many details that will help you inspire in planning a party for a little one in your life. I love the use of feathers, geometric patterns, plush toys, animal cupcakes, cactus shaped sculptures, and last but not the least the bright, fun color palette. 

You can find more pictures on Party Deco's Facebook page.