Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Storyboxes and Sculptures Created Using Reclaimed Objects

Mixed media artist Claire Read creates whimsical worlds using reclaimed objects. The one-of-a-kind storyboxes, sculptures and wearable art is made entirely inside vintage and antique boxes, objects, bird cages and tins that are decorated with vintage textiles, embroideries and jewelry pieces.

“I love to give life again to unloved or unused objects from the past. It doesn’t bother me if an item is far from perfect in condition – for me that merely enhances it’s story. Somehow I connect emotionally with the objects I choose to work with, almost like secretly, they know what they would like to be. I love the thought that, as an object reaches the end of it’s valued life, someone like me still sees value in it, and decides to rework it in to some thing new – and so it begins life again, in a different form.”

She has participated in exhibitions, shows and talks in the past. Her work can be seen in person at The Contemporary Craft Festival, Mill Marsh Park, Bovey Tracey, Devon from June 9-11. For more information and timings go here.