Monday, March 13, 2017

Wearable Art by Layla Amber

Good morning, friends! Welcome back to the brand new week on My Owl Barn. I am glad you stopped by because I have discovered amazing creations by an artist Layla Amber Rous. She makes beautiful jewelry from birch wood and hand paints them in her studio in Southwold, Suffolk.

Her work is inspired by nature and wildlife, and can be found as "Woodland", In Bloom", "Secret Garden" and "In the Trees" collections in her online store. Her pieces depict animals in their natural settings, owl perched on a branch or a rabbit jumping through fields. Her necklaces, brooches and rings are made of multiple laser cut birch wood that are individually painted in bright colors. Each piece by her is truly a visual treat almost like a painting, an artwork that one can wear.


Iris said...

So pretty jewelry. Liked her FB page and thanks for the heads up.

Amy in KC said...