Friday, February 3, 2017

Incredible Portraits Drawn Inside of Recycled Jar Caps

"One Less Cap in Trash" is a project of Silvia Franco Santos a mixed media artist from Portugal for which she uses recycled old jar caps to create wonderful portraits of famous people, birds and animals. The drawings are made by scratching the china ink applied on the surface of metal caps and are approximately 7cm in diameter. 

The artist shares on her profile on etsy: "My inspiration comes from nature, life and people. I keep finding myself in the painting and drawing marks that are born on the paper. My dream is to be able to share the energy I feel in that moment with someone else in this great big world." 

If you have a piece in mind that you would like her to create then you can contact through her page on Etsy where she can also has some of her artwork available for purchase.