Thursday, January 26, 2017

Margaret Wozniak Ceramics

New York ceramist Margaret Wozniak hand-builts stunning ceramics that are meticulously painted with carefully formulated glazes. Her ceramics often have animals and trees as a primary theme; owls and bird can be seen perched on top of a bowl or a dish, bunnies and reindeer standing or sitting alone. Her newer pieces include winged angels, women and men figures. She uses a range of colors in her work from vibrant to subtle, sometime 24 karat gold leaf.

"Wozniak's art cannot be easily categorized in terms of style. Her works evoke both a strong reverence for antiquity and serene feelings of the spiritual and mythic realms: choirs of small angels caught in mid-song; the winged steed Pegasus standing proudly in muted shades of pastel; bowls and other lidded vessels that might well have served in ancient religious or ceremonial rites."

She has an online store where some of her pieces are available for purchase. I love this owl tray!