Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hand-Painted Mural at an Italian Restaurant

For me, it's a great treat to come across a gorgeous hand-painted mural at a public place like cafe, restaurant or a book store. Murals are a great alternative to a blank wall, its a large scale artwork with details which you can gradually discover as you sip on your latte.

The mural painted in vibrant, eye-catching colors at Zizzi an Italian restaurant in Leeds designed by Ricardo Bessa an artist based in London. The city's Coat of Arms features a trio of owls and there's even a Leeds Owl Trail. It didn't take the artist too long to paint owls for the mural. One can see different kinds of owls perched on a tree painted in bright colors that makes the mural pop against the light colored interior.


best electric griddle said...

Goodness me! This restaurant looks soo much beautiful.

My Owl Barn said...

I agree, the walls look beautiful! Thank you for stopping by :)