Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ceramic Animals Less Than Two Inches Tall by Small Wild

Danielle Pedersen of her new brand 'Small Wild' makes miniature ceramic animal totem and jewelry that are hand-painted in intricate patterns and gold. Her animals that are mostly less than 2 inches tall are created in her little studio in San Diego, California. She generally starts each piece by drawing a mock up after carefully observing the animal's behavior she wishes to make. After molding the animal shape in clay, she brings the animal to life by painting their legs, feathers, furs and facial features. 

"There is something satisfying about holding a piece of clay or stone or cloth that has been crafted into something beautiful by a pair of human hands. To hold that kind of object and examine the craft and care that went into it is to experience a connection to another person through their work." 

She makes all sorts of adorable animals with insane detail such as camels strapped with fabric rolled up on their back, alpacas with pom-poms and bull sporting a nose ring. Her shop gets updated with new critters every Sunday at 11:00 am MST. If you would like to own one of her animals then you might want to set an alarm because they are sold fast! In the meanwhile, you can swoon over her work by visiting Instagram.

She was formerly selling her ceramic animal sculptures under the brand name Handy Maiden.