Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hushh Stewards Soapery: Packaging Concept

I generally don't feature concept designs but this one is so chic and elegant that I couldn't resist sharing with you. Hushh Stewards Soapery is a soap packaging project designed by Rosie Gopaul, a student designer based out of Vancouver, BC. 

"The packaging features five mythical goddesses who claim their own sacred steward to conceal private love lives, fortunes, and tragedies. A bar of soap is offered as a cleansing solution to freshen up of any burden, while paired with a key as a symbolic take-away.

It captures the essence of indulging in a quiet bath or a glass of wine with your closest, and trusted, caretaker. The goal is to bring each individual package to life and with substance; fulfilling on many levels. Each box is illustrated after iconic owls who are historically paired with their deity."

For the project Rosie created a sophisticated design for wine bottles and detailed owl illustrations for the soap boxes in soft hues.