Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mi Clo Kimono Jackets with Beautiful Illustrations

Mi Clo is a design brand from Madrid, Spain founded in 2011 by Camino López a designer and an illustrator. Not matter where we are, we can discover places and stories through her illustrations adorning totes, blouses, prints and ceramics. Her illustrations are influenced by her travels that take you to a world where animals, birds, humans and other imaginative characters live in a perfect harmony. She says "Mi Clo, as a way to pursue my own professional and personal expression through illustration."

She has designed four collections each one with a fascinating theme. The limited edition collection Psychopteros & Algos is my personal favorite inspired by Greek Mythology.

“Many centuries ago, in the splendor of Ancient Greece, 
in a small village in the Kingdom of Macedonia, 
there was a king who had three very beautiful daughters. 
The youngest of them was blessed with an unattainable beauty 
but she was, however, as sad as she was beautiful..”

That is how this myth begins, Psyche and Eros, 
a tale about how love found the human soul.

The collection has five chapters - Agora, Altis, Megaron, Andron and Olimpo. Each one has its own beautiful design that can be found on kimono jackets and t-shirts. Andron features a striking design of an owl in the deep forest in black and yellow.