Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Window Display: Hudson's Bay 2016

The second window display for today is by Hudson's Bay with 29 animatronic woodland critters featured in the five windows at the Queen St. W. store. The idea behind the window was they wanted to do switch traditional Santa, reindeer and elves with woodland animals frolicking in the snow. Designing the painstaking display took 35,000 hours to bring animals to life. The windows show scenes where "Bunnies play ice hockey below swinging squirrels wielding snowballs; Tiny mice make snow angels and snowboard around a bear under the Aurora Borealis; A mother owl presents a new baby to friends and family; And a gaggle of geese snowshoe through the forest with wreaths around their long necks." You should watch this brief video where the animals come to life.


Iris said...

So gorgeous. I wish my city still did window displays or Christmas displays like this.

There used to be one set up downtown at the Hudson's Bay location in Edmonton which you could walk through. I vaguely remember it from when I was a very young child.