Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mural Depicting over 200 Birds by The Cornell Lab

The Cornell Lab's Wall of Birds Project depicts 270 species of birds from over all the world. Artist Jane Kim and her colleagues from Ink Dwell Studio painted this enormous mural on the largest wall in the Cornell Lab’s visitor center. Each life-sized bird portrait was completed in a day on average to meet the goal and brought to life with colorful detail. The mural is a celebration of birds spread across the planet from extinct birds and dinosaurs to present day birds.

If you are in the area you must go take a look at this spectacular piece of art in person or take advantage of the online interactive version of the wall as part of Bird Academy. You will be able to explore the wall mural with the most impressive bird collection and zoom in to appreciate the wonderful detail in each one of them. To learn about your favorite bird click here.