Monday, August 22, 2016

Living Rocks by Ernestina Gallina of Pietrevive


I bet you will never see river rocks the same way once you see how Ernestina Gallina transforms them and brings them to bring. Ernestina Gallina is a painter based in Cesenatico, Italy. She always had a great love for painting ever since she was a child but never went to any art school. She continued to paint as a hobby until 1987 when her family moved to Kenya where she discovered her love for animals and nature. She combined her skills as a painter and love for animals, and started to paint river rocks in 1996. It all begun when one day she stumbled upon a book on rock painting and the ways river stones could be turned into beautiful animals. 

"My paintings are a product of my creative imagination combined with the inspiration from the rock's natural shape. I strive to capture realism and express the beauty of nature."

She has a website called "Pietrevive" which means "living rocks" in Italian where you can view the menagerie of painted rock animals and critters she has painted over the years.