Monday, August 1, 2016

Dolls by Marina Yamkovskaia

Marina Yamkovskaia an artist from Russia specializes in making dolls. She handmakes life like dolls of owls, bears, piglets and cats using recycled materials from old coats and hats.

She started creating these dolls in 2014 inspired by the wildlife she is surrounded by near her home. Her dolls have a huge following of fans as they all seem to fly off the shelf in no time. It can take her up to two days to make one doll that's sewn and finished with eyelashes, glass eyes and claws. She updates Instagram with images of her new work, you can follow if you like. 


Sylvia Hackett said...

Absolutely amazing! What a talent.

Tammy Oviedo said...

Just found your work and your artwork is so stunning and amazing! I love your artwork.💕

My Owl Barn said...

@ Sylvia and @Tammy I agree with you. Marina's work is absolutely amazing!