Friday, July 22, 2016

70 Feet Mural of Burrowing Owls In Arizona

Teresa Dendy painted this wonderful burrowing owl mural in Phoenix, Arizona that's 70 feet long and 10 feet tall. Her mural features burrowing owls in their natural surroundings teaching people about their diet and habitat. Mural displays facts like they tilt heads to get better view of an object, eat sandsnakes, and sometimes live in man-made things like drainage pipes.

Teresa wrote, "My daughter and I helped relocate burrowing owls through an Audubon Society program. It has an over 90% success rate and we got to see the chicks. In honor of this program, the lovely dedicated people at Audubon, and these wonderful birds, I painted a huge burrowing owl mural along the Salt River in Phoenix. This is only part of the mural. I don't have a camera that captures all 70 feet of it." Visit the Naturalist's Notebook for more pictures of the mural and information.