Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ruth Norbury

Ruth Norbury has been embroidering since she was a little girl, but have been a professional embroiderer for about 10 years lives in Swansea, UK. Her pieces is an enchanting mix of delicate hand embroidery, textiles and mixed media. 

Ruth is keeping an age old traditional art form alive through her work. Her outside of the box thinking, modifying traditional embroidery stitching with creative needlework is noticeable into the feathers of the barn owl (the image on the top). The texture, the sense of movement and realism make her work stand out.

Ruth is a vegan, who is also passionate about raising awareness of animal suffering and does not use any animal fibers in her work. She wants people to think about things that are important to her through the medium of her beautiful embroideries. "I want people who see my work to react to it."


Eugenia Ramos Psijas said...

Wonderful embroideries. Congrats !!!