Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mlle Hipolyte's Limited Edition Paper Cut Sculptures

The first time I featured Mlle Hipolyte's brilliant paper cut masks and hangable paper sculptures, it was over a year ago. I thought it was time I checked out new work by one of my favorite paper artists, so I went snooping around. What I find is that she just recently opened her online store on Etsy where she sells her handmade paper creations. 

You can bring home her limited edition animal heads of owl, panda, tiger, fox etc. made with meticulously cut tiny paper and mounted on a wooden base for easy hanging. She had diy kits in her store previously to make these animals at home with help of guided instructions. They are sold out, but you can keep checking her online store if she adds more in the future. They'll be fun to make!


Loretta said...

These are amazing and beautiful!