Thursday, March 3, 2016

Graffiti Made of Calligraphy-Fonts and Geometric Patterns

Amazing owl graffiti on a garage door in Athens Greece by Greek street artists DonForty and Blaqk, via.

Don Forty, Blaqk & Sonke Athens 2013, via.

Squirrel - Don Forty,Greg Papagrigoriou & Simek.

Parrot - DonForty, Blaqk and Sonke.

'O' - Don Forty, Greg Papagrigoriou.

Dodo - Don Forty & Simek.

'Breathe In Breathe Out' - Don Forty & Greg Papagrigoriou.

'Magic Shell' - Don Forty & Greg Papagrigoriou.

Don Forty is a Greek artist born in 1985. He presently lives and works in Athens where he studied graphic design. He has been mainly creating murals, installations, as well as illustrations.

He has painted murals in several countries and has participated in many exhibitions. "His designs are characterized by the need to express his direct feelings in an abstract manner, with more intense touches and lines." He has worked in collaboration with other artists - Blaqk, Sonke and Simek. You can find more of his work in his gallery on flickr.