Friday, January 8, 2016

Colossal Bird Sculptures by The Myth Makers

The Great Spirit : An Owl. A humble leader embraces the strengths and weaknesses of humanity, and inspires from a spiritual perspective.

The Scold: a crow. A raucous chatterbox and gregarious gadfly that holds a strong opinion.

The Taste Maker : A Falcon. An uncompromising harbinger of taste, the critic is not a populist.

The Realist: A Red-Tailed Hawk. Everyone has a killer instinct, a desire to fly and an ambition to achieve their fifteen minutes of fame.

The Tourist : A Victoria Crowned Pigeon. Visitors drawn to the vibrant city shape culture with their impulsive consumer behavior.

Forest Grace

 The Sentinel

The Seer

Alight: The Spirit of the Red Tail Hawk

The Poised

Avian Avatars is a collaborative project between The Myth Makers a team of nature inspired artists Donna Dodson & Andy Moerlein.

The installation features five giant sculptures of the world’s most symbolic birds – the owl, raptor, crow, pigeon, and falcon each bird with their own unique myth. Made from maple saplings, wire ties and found objects, the sculptures stand anywhere from 18 feet to colossal 26 feet tall were displayed along Broadway in New York's historic Garment District. In April 2015, the sculptures made a flight to Muskegon and can presently be viewed at different downtown Muskegon locations till May 1, 2016. 

"Since the beginning of human history cultures have identified birds as mythic and transformational. Their seasonal plumage has indicated change, signaled migration and foretold impending weather events. The Phoenix, Garuda, Horus, Ra, Thunderbird and angel iconography all address transcendence and rebirth."

Avian Avatars is meant to convey an alarming message to the modern human race, encouraging them to heed to the stories about current human impact on the changing natural world. 



Unknown said...

Hi, I printed out your free 2014 and 2015 owl calendars for a foster child that I volunteer with. Will you be doing a 2016 version? I think she is really looking forward to it. She loves owls. Thanks,


IK said...

hi, do you have any plans for a 2016 owl lover calendar? I have been printing since 2012 and I love it.

Many thanks

My Owl Barn said...

Sorry guys, there will be no calendar this year. Thanks for stopping by!