Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Package Design: Mr Black

Sydney based distiller launched coffee liqueur – Mr Black in a beautiful bottle with a striking owl illustration by Dale Bigeni an artist from Sydney. The 700ml bottle reveals an owl design as the liquid is gradually consumed.

"MR BLACK is the dark side of coffee: your morning hit with a naughty nocturnal twist. Australia is home to some of the world’s best coffee, so it was about time we had a world-class coffee liqueur to match.”-  via.

The liqueur is made in batches of 300 bottles and is individually numbered allowing the drinkers to note the subtle changes that occur due to the seasonality of the specialty coffee used to make the spirit.

This Australian-made liqueur won the team a Gold Medal at the London International Wine & Spirits Competition and the title of ‘World’s Best Coffee Liqueur.’ Mr Black is available in more than 250 bars, wine shops and restaurants across the country. 


Iris said...

The packaging for this absolutely gorgeous and the design being slowly revealed is neat!