Wednesday, September 30, 2015

C’est Chouette Owl Table Lamp by Quarch Atelier

Milan based design studio Quarch Atelier is a team of talented designers Simone Fumagalli and Marina Del Monaco who created "C’est Chouette owl table lamp" inspired by fairy tales. The owl sits inside the lamp globe as if it sits in a nest.

The hand-crafted lamp is made of white china that consists of two parts - the owl and the outer lamp. The lamp emits soft light when the owl part is sitting on the inner bulb, if you like bright light you can set the owl out next to the lamp. The fixture comes in fourteen color combinations including natural bisquit, half-glossy white frost, half-glossy earth grey, half-glossy sage, half-glossy lavender and glossy lavender. The lamp is delivered to you in hand-painted cardboard box. Can be ordered online from here.


Linda said...

They are so cool!