Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Plywood Animal Paintings by Fleur Benn

Fleur Benn is an artist from New Zealand whose art is dedicated to animals focusing on the idea ‘"what if all human existence ceased and animals continued to thrive in our environment without us."

Increasing human population and global warming has made animals struggle to find food, land and water and, made more than a million species extinct. All this has changed the entire eco-system and has disturbed the ocean life as well. Fleur through her art is trying to bring to the notice that we all have responsibility in taking care of our surroundings. Her artwork is inspired by this idea -  “What would happen to the world and its creatures without man? That he was left to see” (George R. Stewart, 1996). 

The animals in her paintings are made with photo-realistic pen and acrylic on recycled wood. If you look closely, "some might look frightened, some may look pained but they’re learning to be animals again, fending for themselves and living in an environment without humans - only their remnants." - via.


barbara woods said...

love these, they are so realist