Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tattoo Inspired Wood Carvings

Bryn Perrot also known as Deerjerk is an artist based out of Morgantown, West Viginia. She creates beautiful hand carved wood pieces inspired by historical tattoo imagery.

“My mind does not wander when I carve; I make for purpose, not from artistic representation. I have focus when I work, which is a relief from my otherwise scattered thoughts. Carving feels like real work: something is being physically accomplished. Each cut made gets me closer to the next image within the larger scene. I simply like making a good image, a strong image. I started getting tattooed seven years ago and started working in a tattoo shop fours years ago. I have since become increasingly interested in the aesthetic and history of tattoo images because of the simplicity and directness those images convey to even the briefest of glances. Which is why I reference heavily from tattoo history; I’m trying to present these images in an equally strong but new context. Essentially I want to pay homage to those references and influences, to the history of an industry built on real work. That, and to always revamp these icons without tiring them out." via

Does she create her work from drawings or carve them free-hand? "I make small drawings and then enlarge them to make a stencil. I use that to get the shape I need for the wood. Then I use it again to transfer the image to the wood. But most of the details come later with the carving. I only make structure in the stencil. I don't ever really know what exactly I'm going to do with each one. It's sort of on the spot and as I go." via

You can follow her on Tumblr for updates on her new carvings. If you like to buy something from her available work or have questions regarding a custom piece you would like Perrot to make for you then send her an email at orders@deerjerk.com.